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Used Church Pews For Sale

As a service to the many churches we serve, Master Church Seating will begin listing used pews that are for sale by churches that have recently purchased new pews.  We will strive to keep this list of used pews current with information and photos of used pews for sale, but since this list is constantly changing, please call if you do not see church pews to serve your purpose.
Master Seating is not the seller of these pews and does not receive any sales  commissions for these pews.  We only list them as a service to our church pew customers and can not be responsible for any transactions involving pews listed on this site . 

Used Church Pews for Sale.

Contact Allen Redden phone 270-871-8062

Used Church Pews    Used Church Pews



If you need help with new church pews, please call us at 1-800-323-9751.

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In addition to church pews our product line also includes baptistries, courthouse benches, pulpits, pulpit chairs, choir chairs, lecterns, communion tables, collection tables, flower stands, tithe boxes, communion rails, prayer altars, pew kneelers, frontal screens, hymn boards, wall crosses and other assorted church furniture items.

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